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Do you like zombies?

2011-03-28 23:13:52 by kroleux

What are the keys to a sucessful game? Gameplay? Maybe... Story? possible... or zombies? YES!
For some reason when a game releases a zombie DLC the masses are ready to swoop it up in a warm embrace.
Maybe its the similarity in zombie games. there is always a comfort in playing one. Possibly because zombies never go out of style. people will always (though i shouldnt say always) be pumping out zombie movies, games and books (yes books). For movies it isnt hard to see. all you have to do is paint some people green and have them prance about the town moaning: BRRRRRAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNS.
Zombie games are easy to explain too. people like them aaaand we are back at square one. this has been a roundabout way of saying: dont expect a change, Zombies are here to stay and i have a game with a recently added zombie mode. hoping people will scoop it up like a zombie to brain pie.
It can be found Here. play it, pop some skulls and have fun.
The maint point of this post was for the info about zombies not my game.
But everything i said about zombies is true dont deny it.
well anyway here is a screen from said game.

Do you like zombies?


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